Australian Taxation Office



Your role in securing your information


Technology and computers cannot safeguard information automatically. You need to protect your own information related to using this service.


  • Never disclose your password to anyone. Tax Office staff will not ask you for your password.
  • Always log off correctly by selecting ‘Logout’ in the left menu.

Your User id and password are the keys to accessing the data transfer facility. Do not write down or disclose your password to anyone, including the Tax Office. If you suspect your user id or password has been compromised, immediately notify the Tax Office.

Be sure to safeguard any information you print or save from this site.


We strongly recommend that you:


         keep your computer software up-to-date, especially with operating system service packs, security upgrades and patches. These are usually available from the software vendor or licenser

         ensure that your anti-virus software is current and running on your computer at all times. Scan new programs/files for viruses before opening, running or installing them

         ensure that you have anti intrusion software – commonly referred to as a ‘firewall’ – to provide added security around your information and protection from misuse of your identity

         avoid opening, running or installing programs/files you have obtained from a person or organisation unless you are positive that you can trust them

         select ‘Logout’ when you are finished using this facility. You should also logout if you leave your computer unattended to avoid others accessing your account, and

         conduct secure disposal practices such as cleansing of the hard disk on disposal of your computer.


Please review this ‘Security’ information regularly. The Tax Office will update it from time to time as we become aware of issues and relevant information which will help you maintain the highest levels of security.